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Fiery New Anthem For Indie Rock Outsiders

Dive headfirst into the mesmerising realm of Secrets of Fire (SoF) with the explosive new single “Rebel”.

Building upon the success of the previous single “Animal” (which garnered widespread airplay on FM and online radio stations across Europe and beyond), Witch-rockers Secrets of Fire take a captivating melodic detour with their latest single “Rebel”.

“Rebel” is built upon an infectious driving, train drum beat, layered with vocal harmonies and expansive guitar tones. Experience an addictive slice of indie rock as you immerse yourself in an intoxicating blend of sixties vibes and nineties grunge…all topped off with an exciting modern twist


The track delivers big choruses, a frenzied guitar solo and crescendos with Astrid’s empowering proclamation to: “Stand with the rebels” and ”Dream with the rebels”.

“The song is an ode to rebellion, as well as believing in yourself and not giving up on dreams.”

Astrid – SoF

The track was recorded in Birmingham in Spring 2023 and is now available on all major streaming platforms. Crank up the volume, sit back and enjoy.

SoF are Astrid (vocals) and River (guitars/production). Astrid’s name derives from her Nordic roots. Growing up in New Zealand and identifying as a witch from a young age, her mystical energy fuels the magic in SoF.

Ex-Londoner River, grew up watching guitar bands in the bars and clubs of Camden. A prolific songwriter, he records and sculpts the SoF sound – weaving goth-rock guitar tones, with melodic indie soundscapes.

The band’s influences include: The Cure, Pixies and Blondie, as well as visual artists like Helmut Newton and David Lynch. SoF embrace a DIY ethic and record all their own music, as well as shoot and edit their own photos and videos.

Imagine Gwen Stefani fronting Nine Inch Nails, and you’d be half way there!