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Runes around Europe

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Big thank-you to all the people who downloaded Runes or ordered T-Shirts on Bandcamp.

There’s been lots of positive feedback. This single’s review c/o Luke Knowles at Barstool Music UK is pretty cool!

Radio wise in the last week we have lots of people to thank. In the UK, a big shout out to Radio Wigwam, RAW Radio and SoundLab for playing SoF. Cheers to Doug down at KTRC FM, Colin at ArFm and Nick Whiley over at Diamond Angels for spinning Runes.

Further afield we’ve had radio stations in Canada and USA connecting. Big shout out to ‘Rock Zone’ and iNext Radio for repping Runes on their shows in Italy, Aire Latino 88.5FM in Spain and NovaRadio in Costa Rica. Muchos gracias! The track’s also doing the rounds on FM and internet radio in France via Gorilla, TST Radio & FMR. In the US on KBCZ FM in California & Free 99, as well as on Ze Rock in Israel too.

Kudos to all the bloggers and social media folks for all the kind messages, shares, stories and posts. We really appreciate it!

It’s awesome to see people starting to stream and playlist the track on Spotify, and thanks loads to everyone who has added Runes to their Spotify playlist.