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Sex and Love


Sex and Love single artwork

A NEW Ethereal CLASSIC from THE witchrock THE duo

Let go and immerse yourself inside a witchy world of entrancing rock guitars and soaring vocal melodies.

The duo collaborate once more, to create a haunting and evocative single

Recorded in Birmingham (UK), the track features the enchanting vocal talents of Astrid and the music of River Ray.

“The song is a melancholic yet uplifting song about passion and desire. A mirror of human emotion, both raw and tender”

– Astrid

Inspired by bands like the Auteurs to the Au Pairs ‘Sex & Love’ builds upon previous releases like ‘Runes’, ‘Animal’ and ‘Rebel’. With airplay on scores of FM, digital and online radio shows in and around Europe, Secrets Of Fire’s music has resonated with indie rock and goth fans alike.  

The track was recorded in Birmingham in the winter of 2023 and is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Crank up the volume, lean back and enjoy.

The track is available now on all major streaming platforms.

“Sex and Love takes the listener on a sonic journey. The chord progression shifts and twists into numerous song changes. It might lift then drop but almost hypnotically, it’s always the same.”

– River Ray


SoF are Astrid (vocals) and River (guitars/production). Astrid’s name derives from her Nordic roots. Growing up in New Zealand and identifying as a witch from a young age, her mystical energy fuels the magic in SoF. River grew up watching guitar bands in the bars and clubs of Camden. He records and sculpts the SoF sound, weaving goth-rock guitar tones with melodic indie soundscapes.

The band’s influences include: The Pixies, NIN, The Killers and David Lynch.

Imagine Gwen Stefani fronting Nine Inch Nails, and you’d be half way there!


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